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InHome Solutions can handle everything from start to finish. We can book free assessments with your tenants and/or landlords. We can even assess and  install insulation for any properties in your portfolios on weekends so you can be sure your landlords, property owner, and tenants are never inconvenienced. Upon completion on install we provide a FREE Statement of Insulation.



Have a portfolio of rental properties? Have 1 rental property. InHome Solutions can help you make the best informed and cost effective decision for your rental properties insulation, heating, ventilation requirements. Best of all we will even come out on the weekends to ensure your tenants are not inconvenienced. Upon completion you will receive a Statement of Insulation so future tenants know your property is insulated to the requirements of Residential Tenancies Act.   



InHome Solutions can provide a free assessment for insulation, heating, and ventilation for the property you rent. We can also present the information to your landlord or property manager so they can make the best informed decision. We will even come out on weekends so you do not have to miss work during the week!

Rental Properties


Property Managers, Landlords, and Tenants; InHome Solutions will give you the best advice and service for all your insulation, heating, and ventilation requirements. We will aim to assess your poperty within 1 week and install within 2. 

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